The Vane offers fully functional , ergonomic seating experience. It consists of 2 triangular pieces which are inspired from windmills, and 3 legs. All pieces are made by 18mm plywood as little amount of material as possible for easy to carry and affordability. It can disassemble and assemble using only one M10 screw.


Aydınhan Öykü

Öykü Aydınhan was born in Izmir, Turkey. She received Bachelor degree in industrial design from the Izmir University of Economics (IEU), Izmir, Turkey, in 2017. She graduated from Fine Arts and Design Faculty with “Gastronot” which is product and service design project. In addition, she conducted research and wrote a thesis about “Semiotics Analysis For Product Language of Power Tools and Small House Appliances from GenderPerspective” in 2017/ Fall semester. In 2018, she accomplished Public Relations and Advertising Minor Program in Izmir University.


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